Update on the situation following the student demonstration held in Allepo


Background On 25th February 2004, 10 students from Aleppo University were arrested because of a peaceful demonstration they participated in, on university grounds. Around 400 students took part in the demonstration all from the Faculty of Engineering. The demonstration was held as the students objected to Legal Decree No. 6 (2004) that states that the government will no longer automatically employ engineering graduates. The students wished to present letters to the President of the University calling upon all students and academics at the university to stand together to protect students rights.

After 45 minutes of peaceful demonstration, around 200 police officers and members from the student Baath party disturbed the demonstration, beating the demonstrators and taking mobile phones and other personal belongings from them. Criminal security agents detained all of the students for 5 hours, on university premises, before they were given permission to leave. A number of students, who had suffered injuries, went to the University hospital and were subsequently denied treatment. The public hospital Al-Razee also refused to treat them.

Latest News A decision was passed by the director of Allepo University (no. 1575) on the 4th March 2004 to expel the following students: Mohammed Arab who is studying for a Doctorate in Medicine, Haashen Assad who is in his 4th Year of Civil Engineering Studies, Leena Razook who is a 4th year medical student, Barara Radi who is a 5th year electricity engineering student and Basel Deoub, a 3rd year Law student. Two other students were suspended for one year Hasan Qasem, a 2nd year literature student, and Khalood Al-Dubsht, an engineering student. Other students were given an official warning they are Abdul Ahmed Al Adb Allah, Shfaan Rushik, Abad Aswad, Delqesh Ali. Whole text HERE - Update on the situation following the student demonstration held in Allepo